A Tribute to         Alon E. Utt
Club Founder & President
June 29 1927 - July 7, 2015
On December 9, 2013 club President, Alon Utt, was honored by Club members for his dedication and commitment as the founder of the Carolina Scrollers

A Tribute to
Gray Beckner
Long time member Gray “Papa” Beckner passed away April 4, 2017. Gray as a scroller, will be remembered as the club “Fretwork Clock” expert. Gray scrolled the largest and most difficult clocks. Gray along with his son Keith, also a long time member, enjoyed scrolling together in Gray’s shop. Gray participated in numerous club activities as he really enjoyed the fellowship with members and having discussions with visitors at scrolling shows. He really enjoyed the times he spent with the club founding president Alon Utt. It was entertaining to hear them joking with each other.
Son Keith & Gray
Created by Club founder and former President Alon Utt
Created By former Charter member Gray Beckner
       A Tribute to         Jack Hamby
Dedicated Member
April 7, 1942 - June 9, 2021
Jack was an avid and talented Scroller right up to the time in which he became ill. The Christmas ornaments shown were made by Jack for the 2021 Christmas Ornament Program